Kumaaree Pills

Harmonizing the Yoni in a natural way

Natural detoxification pills for cleansing, regenerating, maintaining the optimal vaginal microflora, restoring and toning the relaxed pelvic floor muscles (due to aging, childbirth, or frequent sexual intercourse), increasing libido, and intensifying sexual feelings.

70 or 200 pills in a glass bottle sealed with cork and wax.


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In case of a problem, take two pills three times a day.
For right away vaginal tightening, insert into the vagina one pill and allow it to dissolve. Apply at least 30-60 minutes before sexual intercourse.
Note: Most women experience a lumpy discharge from the vagina after using the pill internally. It is only a detoxification process.

LIST OF KEY INGREDIENTS:  Quercus infectoria (Oak galls), Guazuma ulmifolia (Bastard cedar), Parameria laevigata (Cebu balsam), Piper Betle (Betel leaf), Punica Granatum (Pomegranate), Curcuma zanthorrhiza (Javanese ginger), and a proprietary blend of sacred botanicals.

Contains no added flavors, preservatives, or harmful additives of any kind. Lovingly and with utmost care hand-blended in Bali.

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